Gabriela Chang

My perception of the brain is that of a warehouse-laboratory-greenhouse, a place to take ideas-concept-seeds to investigate, experiment and sprout them.

My creative process starts by introducing an idea into this personal humus made of practical, professional and personal experiences, beacause Design sets my rational and emotional worlds together.

I consider constant learning a must: new knowledge, techniques and materials to add wider perspective to that already know.

I was born in Mexico, to a family of asian roots, I studied in Guadalajara, Montreal, and Madrid, and I have been lucky to visit more than 26 countries. I´m sure this reflects on my work so it has become my philosophy:

To create objets that make you feel at home anywhere in the world.

Many of my designs would not be possible without the collaboration of friends and colleagues. While prototyping, I frequently require to put muscles into the ideas, specially if working with big or heavy pieces, DayDreaming is my studio, but behind an almost poetic name is a great team to support, contibute, criticize and polish my ideas: Carlos Vega, Jori Armbruster, Santiago Mac Loughlin and Miguel C. López.